Benefits can be a
sight for sore eyes.

Here are 4 stops on your
road to better vision.

You’ve seen the same doctor for years
but they aren’t in our network? No problem!

Pay for all

Pay the provider for all your services
and ask for an itemized receipt.

Request an
Claim Form.

Receive a form by:

  • Downloading one here
  • Calling the Customer Care Center

Claim Form.

We’ll take care of everything.
Just wait and see.

Send us the form with the itemized receipt.
When your claim is processed, we’ll send
you a reimbursement check and an
Explanation of Benefits.

After submitting your form you can check
the claim status online.

Check Claim Status  

Carry on Seeing
Life to the Fullest.

Bright days are ahead!
Enjoy every second of it.

For more information, please contact our
Customer Care Center or visit us online!


No matter what option you choose,
your EyeMed plan is designed to be
easy to use and to save you money.

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