Benefits that
are out of sight.

Make 4 stops to reach
countless advantages.

Locate a

Decisions, Decisions.
We’ve got more than
65,000 providers in our
network, so first you’ll
have to narrow it down to
the one you’d like to see.

Find a provider by doing
the following:

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Schedule an

Set your sight on what works
best for you. Our network has
a wide range of options.

Choices include:

  • Retail locations with weekend
    or evening appointments
  • Private practitioners

Receive Services.

Relax. This is the easiest
exam you’ll ever take.

At your appointment, just show
your EyeMed ID card or provide
your name and birthdate.

If your plan has a copay, you’ll pay
it when you receive services. Make
your copay. Your provider will
submit the claim directly to us,
so there’s no paperwork for you.

Now, isn’t that easy?

See Life to
the Fullest.

Bright days are ahead!
Enjoy every second of it.

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